Prince Demando

Prince Demando
COSTUME: Prince Demando

SOURCE: Sera Myu (Sailor Moon Musical

WORN AT: Ichicon 2009, London MCM Expo May 2009 & Kitacon III

AWARDS: First price at Ichicon 2009


Ever since I was a little girl Sailor Moon has held a special place in my heart, so when I re-discovered the anime at 16 I was hooked! I read/watched/inhaled everything Sailor Moon that I could get my hand on, which wasn’t that much to begin with. After a year of rolling around in the glory that is Sailor Moon, I stumbled across the musical versions, and my life changed. I loved all incarnations of Sailor Moon, but the musicals are very, very dear to me. Ono Hikari plays Prince Demando with such brilliance, that it was an obvious choice for me to cosplay.


This was one of my first costumes that I ever made, and what a costume is was! The actual suit is just a normal suit made out of bridal satin, which wasn’t too difficult, except for the damn sleeves. But I hate sleeves in general so that wasn’t surprising. I then appliquéd the blue swirls by hand, then added the million blue beads (pro-tip, when doing bead-work, get something good to watch!). I also added swirls of small pearl-white beads, and a handful of silver gems. The cape is made out of a dark-blue satin, lined with blue lamé, and trimmed with silver mylar. The wig was commissioned from a horrid wig-seller who completely ripped me and Lauren off with our six wigs, but the moon symbol was at least bought from the lovely Catzia.



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