Sailor Neptune

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

COSTUME: Sailor Neptune

SOURCE: Sera Myu (Sailor Moon Musical

WORN AT: Ichicon 2009 & London MCM Expo May 2009



Me and Lauren met through an old Sailor Moon forum, and despite the distance between us, became friends and decided to cosplay together at our first big con. I was given the opportunity to make Lauren’s three costumes to match the three that I wore for the con, which was really fun! Everything had to be altered to fit her much smaller frame. In her own words:  This costume was based on the one worn by Tahara Hiroko in the first stage of the Sailor Moon Musicals. Tahara Hiroko was my favourite Neptune out of all of them. She personified Sailor Neptune to me, and her chemistry with Kimura Sanae was just outstanding. She also had the nicest Neptune wig out of all of the Neptunes.


I’d like to start out with saying that I had a lot of help with this costume just like I did with my Sailor Uranus costume, both from my mother when it came to the gravity-defying collar, and general construction tips from Katie at It wasn’t as difficult to construct as you might think though, each skirt is made up of two cotton circle skirts pleated to oblivion (again, get a good movie going!), the bodice is made from white jersey-cotton, and the bows from gold lamé. The golden trim is a special type of mylar, which was hand-sewn onto the costume. It is possible to machine-sew, I just preferred doing it by hand because it’s a bit neater. The brooch, earrings and necklace gem is made from metal and beads, and the tiara was purchased from Catzia. Lauren made the mirror herself, as well as her shoes, but she also helped A LOT with the actual dress, she did all the pleating and a lot of the hand-sewing on the trim. We got through a lot of musicals while making these costumes…



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