Der Tod


SOURCE: Elisabeth (Takarazuka, Mizu Natsuki version)

WORN AT: London MCM Expo May 2010

AWARDS: Best Performance London MCM Expo May 2010



If you’ve never watched a Takarazuka show, you’re missing out. Imagine the most extravagant musical you can, then add a healthy amount of glitter, feathers, and fabulous Japanese ladies playing all roles, and you’ve got Takarazuka. Sort of. The Yukigumi version of Elisabeth was the first full show I got my hands on, and I was instantly hooked, so when Lauren wanted to do Rudolph, it took me seconds to decide to do Der Tod.


At the time of creation I did not have much experience with modifying patterns, but the coat was originally a short coat pattern that I altered, then created a vest out of the same purple linen material. The trousers were regular bought ones, and I was originally supposed to have a black shirt but didn’t find the right kind before the con so ended up in panic wearing a purple one from my closet! The wig was the first wig I ever styled myself, it’s a Cyperous one (and it’s sooo soft), and I styled it with about 8 different marker pens to get the roots darker shades of grey and green, and tried to get the fringe to do the typical otokoyaku-curl. My make-up was done by the lovely Emilie, who is a wizard with make-up and made me feel like a real-life star. ♥



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