Franziska von Karma

COSTUME: Franziska von Karma

SOURCE: Phoenix Wright

WORN AT: Närcon XI


I first came into contact with the Phoenix Wright games through the Takarazuka musical version of it, and since everybody was talking about it back home too I figured I should give it a shot. LOVED IT. I drove my fiancé crazy by staying up all night playing in bed! So of course I had to cosplay Fran, she’s another total bad-ass! I really do need to work on my bitch face though…


Another simple costume! The blouse is a modified bought shirt that I just added the giant poofy sleeves to, and the vest was also bought and modified. The skirt is a regular ol’ pencil skirt (great for work interviews!), and the neck-collar-thingie (drawing a blank on the name right now, I’ll get back to it) is made from some left-over bridal satin. The big jewel is made out of craftfoam, and the smaller buttons are buttons painted with nail polish. The wig came from a seller on eBay.



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