Haman Karn

COSTUME: Haman Karn

SOURCE: Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

WORN AT: Kitacon IV


A mate wanted me to do her, and after I (finally) got around to watch the show; how could I not? Haman is like the most bad-ass person ever. It was instant love.


Unfortunately that love did not last when making this. The costume itself is fine, black velvet and self-made pattern from scratch, nothing too difficult. My first attempt at the wig was truly atrocious, I’m glad that there are very few photos around of it. The second attempt (a year later) was a lot better, I’m incredibly proud of how this wig turned out in the end. It’s a Jareth from Arda, in lavender and styled with sharpies, crimping, teasing, and lots and lots of hairspray. The only problem is that since I made the costume a year earlier, it didn’t quite fit me as well when I wore it with the updated wig. Which is the reason there are only a few candid shots that Nert took when I received an award for my Cersei costume. I really do want to do a photoshoot with Haman, I love her to bits, but I really don’t like how the costume looks on me, so it will probably never happen.



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