Sailor Venus

COSTUME: Sailor Venus

SOURCE: Sailor Moon Manga

WORN AT: London MCM Expo May 2010 & Uppcon XI


Ever since I was a little girl Sailor Moon has held a special place in my heart, so when I re-discovered the anime at 16 I was hooked! I read/watched/inhaled everything Sailor Moon that I could get my hand on, which wasn’t that much to begin with (that has changed by now…!). Sailor Venus is hands down my favourite Inner Senshi, so when my mate Chevi asked me to be part of a Moonie group for Expo I knew immediately who to choose. All in all, one of my favourite costumes to wear at a con to date, it’s great being so recognisable!


When I made this I didn’t have my sewing machine (I can’t for the life of me remember why at the moment, I had it for Der Tod which was made for the same con…)  so everything is handsewn, which is why the skirt isn’t actually properly hemmed. I was lucky though, the cotton it’s made out of hardly frayed at all, so it’s not overly noticable. The bows are all heavily interfaced, and the skirt is made out of two circle skirts then pleated to infinityyyyy. The hip-roll and glove-toppers are probably my favourite part of the costume, as well as the wig. The tiara is actually my Sailor Uranus tiara from Catzia, and I forgot to wear it for the con! The brooch and chain was made by my friend Beth, but unfortunately it broke the second I got off stage.



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