Seiya Kou

COSTUME: Seiya Kou

SOURCE: Sera Myu (Sailor Moon Musical)

WORN AT: London MCM Expo May 2009


The costume was based on the costume wore by Katayama Sayuri in the first stage of the Sailor Moon Musicals. It is the Three Lights seifuku which they rehearse in. It is also the costume you mainly see the Three Lights in during the musicals. We decided on the seifukus as they were easier to make and were less revealing then the Starlight fukus.


Pretty straight forward construction of this, my mum helped some due to time constraints, but other than that it’s a simple suit made of blue cotton, with lots of zipper details and matching black loafers. The wig was commissioned, and quite awful. Oh well! Our performance was really fun, and I had a great time wearing the costume!


(All photos taken by me.)


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