COSTUME: Applejack

SOURCE: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

WORN AT: Kitacon IV Uppcon XII

COSPLAY PARTNERS: Tennyo, Dot and Mitternacht


Because I like comfy cosplays. ♥ Although I can’t imitate the accent to save my life, Applejack is totally my fav; she’s funny, strong, and just generally awesome. I like characters that don’t take shit from no-one! Plus she’s so darn cute. This was originally meant to be with a group, then the group didn’t happen, but I had already started so I figured I might as well just finish it and wear it anyway. I was lucky enough to get a different group for Uppcon XII though, with the lovely Tennyo, Dot and Mitternacht, it was so much fun!


Not much to say about this, for Kitacon I wore it with jeans because it was cold outside, then for Uppcon it was warm enough for shorts! The cutiemark was drawn on a t-shirt with sharpies, and the hat was altered to have Applejack’s trademark shape. Unfortunately I didn’t account for the fact that my head would get bigger with the wig on, so although the hat fit me when I bought it, I had to hold on to it when in costume! Ooops!



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