Cersei Lannister

COSTUME: Cersei Lannister

SOURCE: Game of Thrones

WORN AT: Kitacon IV

COSPLAY PARTNERS: Hawkeye, Mildlydeluded, FishyfinsSJbonnar,

SephirayneNocturnal BlossomKirokitsune 

AWARDS: 1st Place in the Cosplay Competition at Kitacon IV


I am in love with the entire universe of A Song of Ice and Fire, and the television show is just so… good. So the moment there was talk of a group cosplay for Kitacon IV, I knew I wanted to be in it. I debated a lot which character to do, because almost all female characters in Game of Thrones are absolutely wonderful, and I will absolutely do others at some point, but Cersei is very special to me. I can’t quite explain it, but I just love her fierceness, intelligence, beauty, everything! Sure she’s a total bitch and slightly insane, but she’s just so… bad-ass! I ended up choosing this dress, both because I love the colour and design, and because the episode it’s from is by far one of my favourite, it’s brilliantly written! I was incredibly lucky to win first price in the cosplay competition at Kitacon IV, it was such an honour to be judged by the amazing Bill Winans, Harrison/Volpin and Sephnoir, they are totally my heroes so I was a teeny bit star-struck. ♥


This has definitely been my most challenging cosplay to date, I drafted the pattern completely from scratch (I’m a bit of an odd body-shape, so I have trouble finding patterns that fit without alternation, so I’ve started to just draw them up myself). The wig is a Matilda from Arda Wigs that I straightened then styled, the ring and pendant were made from fimo, the belt-buckle from craft-foam and the chain-mail belt made from scratch. I’m super-proud of the belt, I’ve never done any chain-mail before, so it was a nice first project. I even made the tassels on the scarf! The dress is made from linen and fully lined, and a piece of velvet was used for the shoulder piece. I learnt a lot of new techniques while making this, including how to blind stitch, which is totally cool. All in all, while there are a few things that I’m not super happy about, I’m so incredibly proud of this costume. It was absolutely a milestone in my cosplay confidence, so I very much look forward to challenging myself this much again some time soon!



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