Sailor Star Fighter

COSTUME: Sailor Star Fighter

SOURCE: Sailor Moon Manga

WORN AT: Kitacon III

COSPLAY PARTNERS: Steve and Lauren


I’ve mentioned that I love Sailor Moon right? Well, Sailor Star Fighter is one of my absolute favourite (tied with Sailor Uranus), and when me and Lauren did the school uniforms we had already decided to make the fukus at some point. Then the point finally came! I had soooo much fun doing this with Steve and Lauren, and I was amazed at home many photos you have taken off you when you’re not wearing much!


The wig was the same base wig as used for Seiya Kou, but with a new ponytail that was a few wefts harvested from Lauren’s Yaten wig (which I also styled), and then dyed with sharpies. My hands were blue for what felt like a month after that! I ran out into so many problems with this costume… The bra and shorts were fairly easy, as was all the accessories, but my attempts at high-thigh boots failed miserably, as did my attempt at gloves, and unfortunately I didn’t leave myself with enough time to make new ones. Luckily enough Chevi was nice enough to lend me her boots, and I just went without gloves at the con.



One thought on “Sailor Star Fighter

  1. These costumes are really well done. I absolutely love them ^^

    The Sailor Stars are characters that are hardly ever cosplayed, so it’s great to see that they are loved as part of the series!

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