Uppcon XI and Uppcon XII

Ok so this isn’t a post about costumes, this is a post about the biggest convention in Sweden, and my involvement in it. I only worked for it for two years, and yet those two years had a huge impact on my life. Back in 2009 I had only ever been to one Swedish con, a tiny little one, and it kind of sucked so I just assumed that all Swedish cons sucked. So instead I started going to English cons (I’m half-English) and I had a merry old time. Then in 2011 I figured I should give Sweden another shot, but since I didn’t really know anybody within the scene I thought I’d try working at a con instead, since I know that’s a good way to make new friends. Oh boy did I. Uppcon XI passed without too much influence from me, I was a bit too shy to talk to anybody, and since I didn’t know how the con was run and I couldn’t help quite as much as I would’ve liked to. I had a great time though, and knew straight away that I wanted to do it again. At the time I was living in another part of Sweden, but since my fiancé is from Uppsala (where Uppcon is located) we eventually decided to move here, and on my part Uppcon absolutely had a big part of my choice to move here. It’s always scary to move to a new city, so it’s nice to know that you at least have a few acquaintances that had the possibility of turning into friends. It also meant that this year I could be a much bigger part of  the organizing team. While I was only “vice leader” officially, I was allowed to take part of all the meetings that I wanted to attend, and make a lot of decisions etc. It was truly amazing. And this year I had many more opportunities to talk to people (including the first party with this group where I got incredibly drunk and made an ass of myself, it was great). The sad part? This year was Uppcon’s last. The founders have been doing this since they were in school, and they just wanted to move onto other things, so this year was very bitter-sweet for all of us. There were so many tears during the closing ceremony, I can’t even. Every single person that I’ve met through this is amazing, what started as a tiny anime-showing in a tiny movie theatre grew into one of Sweden’s most loved convention, and one of Europe’s most professional looking ones, and it’s all through the hard (and very, very free) work of these amazing individuals. I’ve been truly blessed to be a part of it. ♥ Ok I’m gonna wipe my face now. (;__________;)

This entire gallery is a mix of both years (I tried to put the photos in order though), and from lots of different photographers. I’m going to go through the photos and try to credit as many photographers as I can, and all photos were taken from konventsbilder.


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