Today is another post about an event which I’m closely involved in. Cosplay-SM is Sweden’s most prestigious cosplay competition, where different conventions around Sweden each name a champion who will compete in a yearly award show together with internet fan favourites. We’ve been doing this for two years now, and are gearing up for our third event next year. My part in this started out quite small, I was asked to be the expert commentator the night before the first show, and since then it’s snow-balled into being an organizer for it! I had so much love for Uppcon as an event, but Cosplay-SM is closer to my own heart, since it’s ALL COSPLAY ALL THE TIME. And I’m part of that. ♥ We work tirelessly to create a better environment for Swedish cosplayers, and getting to MC for such an event is both terrifying and fantastic! There are so many amazing cosplayers in Sweden, and I’m so happy to be part of an event that highlights these incredible artists. Each event 10 cosplayers compete against each other with a skit, and an interview conducted by myself and Alvin/Kim (very experienced MC:ers), and judged by a large panel of judges. We then crown 3 winners, who all win money and a lot of praise. The grand champion two years running has been Josefin ‘Tennyo’, who is undoubtedly one of the best cosplayers Sweden has to offer, and I’d go so far as to say one of Europe’s best! While we’re still finalizing the details for the next Cosplay-SM and I can’t disclose them, we are gonna be present at Gamex this November, where we will hold our very own little cosplay competition to find out who’s gonna be their representative to compete for the grand prize in Cosplay-SM 2013! There are so many amazing things in store for the Swedish cosplayers that are interested in competing  and I’m beyond over-joyed to be a part of this. ♥


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