Amy Pond


SOURCE: Doctor Who

WORN AT: Doctor Who event at Uppsala English Bookshop

AWARD: Best Costume


I found out about a Doctor Who themed evening at a local bookshop and just knew I had to make it! There was a quiz, and a there was to be a prize for best costume, so of course I had to dress up! While Amy Pond is not my favourite companion (although I do like her), she is the one that I look like the most, with my current ginger-y hair, so it was easiest to do her!


There really isn’t much to it, jeans and a plaid shirt that I usually wear. So yeah, at first I didn’t look much different to how I normally dress, so I needed something to make me more recognizable as Amy… cue pro-markers and trying to make my hair as poofy as Amy! I did NOT expect to win anything, even tho it was just a little event, I really just dressed up because it was fun, but the owners were impressed with the simplicity and accuracy, so I won the companion book and a poster! I’m sorry for the bad photos, this really was just a fun little costume, but I just felt like sharing anyways. ^^



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