Commission: Sailor Moon


COSTUME: Sailor Moon

SOURCE: Sailor Moon R

WORN AT: Doj-Con 2013

This was my first official commission, and wow it was fun to make! It was a huge learning-experience for me, and while I made more mistakes than I want to admit, I am still incredibly happy with it. And I thought it would be nice to do a proper write-up of this project, to show how I made this costume. So yes. This will probably be a MASSIVE POST. Grab a cuppa tea, and have fun!

I started with looking at plenty of reference pictures, then drawing up what I needed to sew.



Pardon my terrible drawing.

I then did the usual things of buying fabric and thread. I decided to go with a nice and thick nylon for the red and blue fabric, it was stiff enough to hold up the pleats, but not so shiny to look bad under a flash. I made the pattern from a normal bodice pattern, but modified it so that it wouldn’t have the princess-seams on the stomach. I ended up regretting this, since in my quest for a seamless stomach I just ended up with a baggy stomach, but it should not be so loose that it will look bad on my client.


I cut out the pieces first in pattern-paper, then in muslim so that I could modify more easily.


This pattern was so much harder than I expected. I tweaked and tweaked and tweaked it.




I zigzagged the edges and basted the pattern pieces together. I also cut out the pattern for the sleeve. Sailor Moon sleeves are difficult to get right, and at this point I was sort of winging it.


I made the bodice out of a normal cotton jersey, and for once I actually remembered to account for the bias when I cut it! The pieces were cut and basted together, and then I top-stitched the seams.




Then it was time for sleeves! I’m very happy with how these turned out, even though I was pretty much making it up as a I went along. If there is one tip I have for aspiring Sailor Moon cosplayers, it’s to buy a zipper-foot; it’ll make your life so much easier.





Then I cut out the collar, zigzagged the edges, and basted it onto the bodice.



The skirt was then made from a giiiiiiant circleskirt, which was pleated to infinity. My mother has tried to teach me the math of circleskirts and pleating, but honestly? I can’t use pi to save my life! I just make a really big circleskirt, and then I adjust the pleats until I’m happy with them. Sailor Moon skirts are a bit annoying, because they have four knife-pleats on each side of the front, but the middle one is not an actual box-pleat, it just magically switches sides. I decided to go with a box-pleat for the front one, and knife-pleats for the rest of the ones.



I toyed around with the dart across the boobs, but ended up not liking it, so I made a vertical dart in the end. It would all be covered with the giant bow anyways! Bows are really fun to make, and I’m always disappointed when people fail miserably making them. Guys. It’s not that hard. You just use lots of interfacing…! I cut out rectangles, overlocked the seams, added interfacing and ironed them carefully.





Don’t do this. It’s very stupid…


But yeah, it’s not cosplay until you almost bleed on it! I miraculously managed to save it, so there is no blood on the costume, but it was darn close since I didn’t realise I was bleeding until I noticed how slippery the needle was!

The hiproll gave me endless amounts of trouble, I just couldn’t get it the way I wanted…




I made the glove-toppars next. And then I broke them and had to make another pair. Not cool. Luckily I had just enough fabric left, but I was very angry about these stupid things!





They’re not actually all that hard, I was just tired and stressed, and I could NOT get the screw into the sewing machine for the ruler-thingy that helps me keep track of sewing straight…

The last bits were the choker, ribbons on the collar, attaching the hiproll and hemming the skirt. All easy but time-consuming parts of the costume, but not really worth writing about!


Aaaaand that brings us to the finished costume. All in all this was an incredibly fun project, and I learnt A LOT. There is a big difference making a costume for myself, and for someone else. When I’ve made costumes for myself I’ve often cut corners, cheating with home neat I am with seams, but for this I truly did it to my best ability. There are some things that I’m unhappy with, but I just had to realise that anime-proportions cannot be 100% translated to real-life. But either way, I am incredibly happy with this costume. It’s certainly been one of my biggest challenges, and I really can’t wait to see NakedSalad wear it!










And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it! I’m very excited to see photos of NakedSalad wearing it, and am hoping to post a few on here once I get them. Let me know what you guys think!


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