Sera Myu Revival!

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

Ok so it was just announced that the Sailor Moon musicals WILL BE BACK! As most of you know, I am a huge Moonie (especially the musicals, I might be slightly obsessed even), so I thought to celebrate this I’d post a video of mine and Lauren’s performance of “Harsh Saint Cry” from the musical “Black Lady”! It was our first ever con (London MCM Expo May 2009), and probably the scariest but most fun skit I have ever done!
Pro-tip when making props that you’ll dance with: don’t choreograph a skit before you know how heavy your prop will be. I got my prop (my uncle made it) like three days before leaving for the con, and he made it really heavy, so yeah. But scary! (OMG I MISS PERFORMING AT CONS. I MUST DO IT AGAIN SOON. ♥)


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