Photo by Niew photography

Well well well, I have been embarrassingly bad at updating this haven’t I? I’m sorry guys, I’ve just been so very, very busy with uni and organising Cosplay-SM. Well, I finished my degree! I still can’t quite believe that I finished, that I made it. I now have a B.A. in English linguistics! Which not only means that I didn’t loose my mind over these past four years, but it also means I can finally start working (I work as a translator), which means I might actually be able to cosplay more again! I’ve really missed this hobby, but I just haven’t had the time or money to truly focus on it for a very long time. But this has on the other hand led me to focusing more on the organisational side of cosplay, and I am now one of the main organisers for the Swedish Cosplay Championship (Cosplay-SM), as well as being involved in the Nordic Cosplay Championship. So this post is mainly about that. I could write a thank you note to everyone involved, but my gratitude goes so far beyond it. Words are not enough. They could never be enough. (I really love you guys ♥). So instead, have some more pictures of our amazing contestants!


Photo by Daniel Ahlberg

All contestants:


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